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New Concrete Driveway Installation Milwaukee

The Milwaukee concrete contractors at Lake West Remodeling will repair and replace all forms of driveways. Whether your driveway is cracked, chipped and sinking or you need a complete driveway replacement, the professional Milwaukee contractors at Lake West Remodeling will handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Concrete Driveway Installation in Germantown, Wisconsin

This Germantown concrete driveway was installed by our professional concrete contractors one year after the home was originally built. Our Milwaukee concrete contractors picture frames the concrete driveway to improve the look of the finished product. Solid re-bar and fibers were used to strengthen the concrete. We always recommend putting a driveway sealer on new concrete to protect it from the elements. 

 Concrete Driveway Install
 Concrete Driveway install

New Concrete Driveway Installation in Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Lake West Remodeling Milwaukee concrete contractors are experienced in every aspect of concrete driveway work. Our team of concrete contractors can complete long driveways in as little as 2 to 3 days. This new concrete driveway and sidewalk in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, was completed in 3 short days. 

Concrete Driveway Installation in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Lake West Remodeling concrete contractors replaced this old asphalt driveway with new concrete. In New Berlin, Wisconsin there are no regulations on how thick to pour new concrete but we recommend 5" thick if you have heavier traffic areas. Rebar and fibers are used on every new concrete driveway we pour, with a concrete sealer applied to finish the job.

 Concrete Driveway
 Concrete Driveway and Garage Addition

Concrete Driveway Addition in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Lake West Remodeling installed this new concrete driveway with brick boarder and a new second garage on the left. Our concrete experts filled in the yard with 5 dump trucks of dirt to make the yard flat so the driveway leading to the garage wouldn't dip in the yard.